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Wallmount 16″ Oscillating Fan

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Ideal for Workshops, Gardens & Other Areas
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Hurricane® Classic Wallmount 16″ Oscillating Fan


Hurricane Classic Series Wallmount 16″ Oscillating Fan has 3 speed settings controlled by a turn switch. The fan has a 90° oscillation motion. There are two convenient pull cords for speed and oscillation control. It has a durable steel neck support with a 60 in power cord. Ideal for workshops, gardens & other areas where there is limited floor/table space.
♦ Why should I use an oscillating fan in my grow space?

Wallmount 16″ Oscillating Fan will cause air movement helping to keep the area cool and controlling humidity on the plant and dew point within your grow space. Air movement across the plant will ultimately reduce the leaf surface temperature. When leaf surface temperatures exceed 75°F, the plant enters a protection mode and begins to compensate for perceived drought. When a plant is in this protection mode it does not take in required nutrients and water because it is preserving energy. Circulating air will help eliminate higher leaf surface temperatures and will keep your plant in optimum nutrient uptake mode.

Oscillating fans will also help the dew point in your grow area fluctuate. A stagnant dew point is the main catalyst for the growth of powdery mildew. Controlling your dew point with an oscillating fan will reduce the risk of powdery mildew growth.

Wallmount 16 Oscillating Fan should be installed on solid wood or a pillar that is secured perpendicular to the floor.
CAUTION: To prevent the fan from falling off, do not install it on walls less than 4 inches thick or those made from materials that are easily damaged.
Fix the supplied mounting bracket firmly to the wall using the three screws.
NOTE: The bracket should be positioned at least 14 inches from the ceiling and at least 12 inches from adjoining wall.
Mount the stand on the bracket by inserting the bracket catch into the slot on the stand.
Set desired speed by pulling the pull switch (A).
Adjust the angle of oscillation by pulling the pullswitch (B). Then, push the guard lightly up or down to reach the desired position.
Technical Specs


  • Yes
Number of Speeds
  • 3
  • 120
  • 60
Amps – High
  • 0.50
Watts – High
  • 55
Air Flow (CFM) – High
  • 2118
CFM Per Watt
  • 39
RPM – High
  • 1250
Blade Diameter
  • 15.7
Length (Inches)
  • 17.8
Width (Inches)
  • 13.0
Height (Inches)
  • 22.1
Number of Blades
  • 3
Guard Material
  • Steel
Blade Material
  • PPC
NEMA Plug Configuration
  • 115-P
Number of Conductors
  • No
Cord Length
  • 5ft
Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 16 in