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UIrban Jardin Coco Perlite 70-30 50 Ltr

22.40 $USD

50 liters   70-30 mix coco to perlite

UIrban Jardin Coco Perlite has been thoroughly washed and buffered to remove excess E.C. (salts), which may be present in fresh material at levels that inhibit plant growth. The product is buffered by treating it with a calcium solution that is designed to displace sodium and improve the balance of calcium and potassium on the cation exchange.

Urban Jardin Coco Perlite is pH stable and contains an ideal air to water ratio to allow for optimum water absorption while maintaining maximum air porosity, delivering the perfect growing condition for your plant.

Urban Jardin Coco Perlite blend is a premium coir based growing medium, blended with quality European made perlite that is special designed to provide improved aeration in your growing medium.

Soil Amending Ingredients:

Coco Coir Fiber (Coco Nucifera Fiber): 70%

Perlite: 30%

Total other ingredients: 0%

>>> Washed & Pre-Buffered

>>> Perfect pH range 5.5-6.5

>>> Clean and free from pests

>> Very Low E.C.


Weight 5 kg


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