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Uber Recover 1 ltr

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Re-Cover is the ONLY product on the market that was specifically designed to reverse and correct  the, less than desirable, visual & physical side effects, that can occur, with the use of commonly used height-controlling PGR’s.

The use of PGR height controllers often results in plants with little essential oil production and moderate sized, but very compact and hard flowers that are then susceptible to moulds.

Re-Cover fixes these common symptoms of PGR stress, by restarting growth & development pathways thus reviving cell division. This accelerated regeneration gives you yet another BIG burst in flower size that returns proper density to the flowers, and gives you sweet smelling, fully mature, sticky plants.

Re-Cover is free from PGR’s & harsh chemical agents.

Re-Cover restores your plants through the use of  an acetylated form of lecithin and our unique TRx1 Peptide Suite. These technologies work together to restore the essential oil production and cell expansion in the flowers which are lost after using height controlling PGR products.

These types of PGR products shut off the quality and development pathways during the vertical stunting process, causing excessively dark green leaves, leaf curl (ramshorn), and twist or droop, as well as, hard, unnatural looking flowers with minimal essential oil production and very little aroma.

Re-Cover dramatically reduces the plant stress associated with the use of these chemical height controllers. The end result is healthy, stress free plants with flowers that have been restored to remove that typical chemical height treatment look.

Start using 5-7 days AFTER last application of a height controlling PGR. Use EVERY time you feed for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks.


To each litre / quart of water add…


[ Week 1… ]  Start using 5-7 days AFTER last application of a height controlling PGR.

[ Week 2-8 ]  2.5 ml / 1/2 teaspoon Re-Cover

THEN add additives as per product instructions.

*Use a PPM / EC Meter and Adjust pH if necessary.

  1. Do NOT use before or during PGR treatment.


  3. Re-Cover is NOT a height controlling PGR, and does not stop vertical growth.

  4. Re-Cover is NOT a nutrient.

  5. Use for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks, however it is best used all the way to the end of your feeding schedule.

  6. If using other ÜBER products use a full ÜBER Feed Schedule.

  7. Always use PPM / EC Meter

      *Use CAUTION when running above 1500PPM.

Weight .2 kg


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