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May 23, 2017
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Timer Panel 8 Light

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When growing cannabis indoors, you’re going to need timers for your indoor grow.

Timer Panel 8 Light

Reliably and confidently control up to 8 HID lights with the Timer Panel 8 Light Controller. When using with the included 120 volt trigger cable with a 120 volt timer, you are able to automatically turn on and off up to (8) 1,000 watt grow lights (LED, HPS, CMH, T5 etc).

It is recommended to consult a certified electrician before installing or using this controller, especially if you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring and circuits. (120 volt & 240 volt universal plugs)

Size 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 4″ (HxWxL)
Weight 5 lbs
Input/Output Voltage 120 or 240 VAC
Relay Coil Voltage 120 Volts
Electrical Relay Operations 100,000 Cycles
Max Input Amps 50 Amps
Max Output Amps 40 Amps
Maximum Wattage 8000 Watts (1000 per outlet)
Storage Temp 32°F – 135°F
Operating Temp 40°F – 125°F
Brand Protilux
SKU 135
Weight (lb.) 5
Length (in.) 13
Prop 65 No
Width (in.) 11
Height (in.) 7
Lead Time N/A
UL Listed No
Number of Lights Controlled 8
Voltage 120/240 Volts
Amps 40 Amps
Exact Watts 8000 Watts (1000 per outlet)
Timer Panel 8 Light

When growing cannabis indoors, you’re going to need timers for your indoor grow. You basically need to be your plants’ God, and give them sun when they need it and take it away when they don’t. Cannabis plants (not auto flowering strains) depend on light periods, which is basically the amount of time they get of light and darkness. Depending on the amount of hours of each, they’ll go through different stages; 18h of light and 6h of darkness for their growing phase, and an equal 12/12h period for the flowering or blooming phase. Of course, it’s practically impossible for you to control the times so rigorously, so you’re going to need to find a way around that.

To regulate your plants light period it’s important to acquire a timer. These devices are attached to the light switch and they’re in charge of turning the grow lights on and off when you’re not there, or even if you are there, you still won’t have to do it yourself. Not all timers are the same nor are they invincible, they all have a certain amp resistance, and when it comes to your crop you’ll need to be careful when picking the timer as a mistake in the timing or it breaking could ruin your entire grow.


Some people connect a power strip to an analogue timer, with three grow lights connected to the power strip and they expect the timer to not burn out. You mustn’t do this, as it can end up killing your plants, revegetating them or even setting fire to the room and causing the firemen and police to come investigating, and you definitely don’t want that. Some timers can deal with two lamps, but you can also get timer boxes that control the lights with total security. If you use one of the proper boxes, you can rest easy in knowing that nothing will go wrong and your crop should be fine if you leave it for a while.



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