August 8, 2022
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High-Quality Carbon Steel

Steel Plate / Non Slip Coating


Chikamasa T-550 Carbon Steel

T-550 unique and durable torsion spring loaded Chikamasa trim scissors boast a sharper point, as well as lasting carbon steel blades. Equipped with a medium tension torsion spring, the T550 will outlast and out-perform cheaper traditional spring loaded trim scissors.

Total Length: 185mm
Blade Length: 48mm
Weight: 105g
Blade: high-quality carbon steel
Grip: steel plate / non slip coating


leaves on a cannabis plant are where they absorb light necessary for photosynthesis, they are necessary for a plant to grow. After your plant has been harvested, the plant doesn’t need them anymore (obviously). The leaves can contain a high level of chlorophyll if you didn’t flush them properly so it’s better to remove the excess plant material off your buds. It will not only help your bud look better. But it will also help increase the potency and reduce the harshness of the smoke. Even though trimming reduces the overall yield, the improved taste and appearance make up for the lost weight.


Trimming consists of removing the excess plant material such as leaves and sometimes excess pistils to leave the bud looking good and appealing. In the trimming process, aim to take away everything that isn’t fully covered in Trichomes . Try to create a uniform surface area around the buds, this includes removing pistils all the way to the foliage. Pistils have very few trichomes and should only be kept long for the looks. The way you’re trimming depends on the goal for that batch of flowers. It can be different if you’re making extracts, edibles or you’re smoking the flower. Usually, if you’re smoking the flowers, you want to trim the buds the best way possible, removing every excess possible.


Trimming your cannabis before drying is known as a “wet trim” because the leaves are still wet during the trimming process. This method is arguably the most preferred method for several reasons. Wet trimming gives you better access to your buds, the small leaves will be out due to their moisture content, making their removal an easy process.


Dry trimming occurs after the drying process, this process can take 10-15 days, in this period buds will lose most of their moisture. Many growers prefer dry timing because it tends to be easier and less messy. Wet trimming can leave your hands and shears covered in resin very quickly, you will need a lot of cleaning breaks before finishing

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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