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January 21, 2021
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Stunt Monster

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STUNT MONSTER contains bio-stimulants and plant growth
regulators found in nature

Diablo Stunt Monster

Stunt Monster is a new PGR product that is registered for use on several crops including Medical Cannabis and for Hydroponics. Essentially it contains bio stimulants and plant growth regulators that stimulate plant growth and increase the quality and yield. Registration Number # 2017133A Fertilizers Act.
Stunt Monster contains bio-stimulants and plant growth regulators found in nature. It stimulates seedling and plant growth and may increase quality and yield.

Diablo Stunt Monster helps to reduce transplant shock and increases root weight and the number and size of flowers. Instead of valuable energy going into vegetative plant growth, It may help the plant produce more flowers and thus more fruit. Generally a few applications are all that is needed to get the plant to respond. By following the
application rates and timing on the label, growers can improve their overall crop performance. It is registered in Canada for use on: Hydroponics
and Medical Marijuana, Apples, Stone Fruit, and Grapes and Flowering & Bedding type plants.

Overall, there are chemically derived and naturally derived PGRs. As you can guess, the chemically derived variety interferes with hormone breakdown, or else they mimic existing hormones. In marijuana growing, the use of chemically derived PGRs could result in denser growth and greater yields.

It is incorrect to assume that all PGRs are harmful. Natural PGRs such as chitosan, triacontanol, and kelp are in our atmosphere and cause no problems for plants.

Before we delve deeper into the dangers of PGRs, let’s see why they are used in the first place.


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