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November 27, 2014
December 1, 2014

Spider Mite Knockout

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 Kills Bed Bugs- for use on mattresses and bed frames.

 Ideal for use to the underside of plant foliage

Doktor Doom Go Green Spider Mite Knockout

Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout contains a high concentration of the naturally-occurring insecticide pyrethrin (0.20% formula). Effective indoors or out against aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles and much more. Unique nozzle sprays in all directions — even upside down for hard to reach areas. Safe to apply on food crops up to one day before harvest. Does NOT contain PBO.


Always apply in the dark-late at night or early in the morning — NEVER in direct sunlight or with HID lights on. Water plants before application.

Be careful to remove any webbing that you see by hand prior to treatment — webs work as an umbrella and prevent sprays from getting through to the plant.

Spray the underside of the foliage from a distance of 2-3 feet away from the plant. Spider Mite Knockout is equipped with a special spray valve that sprays upside down.

Spray with short bursts 1-2 seconds at a time — a light mist is all that is required. Do NOT soak foliage.

Active Ingredient:
  • Pyrethrins ….. 0.20%
  • Inert Ingredients ….. 99.80%
Grower’s Tip:

Natural pyrethrins degrade in a matter of hours after exposure to light, air flow and humidity — NO residuals!


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. This product has a special valve that sprays in all directions even upside down for hard to reach areas. TO KILL HOUSE PESTS – FLYING INSECTS: Flies, mosquitoes, wasps, biting midges and flying moths. Close doors and windows. Direct mist upwards in sweeping motion to all parts of the room especially windows and other light sources. Apply 6–10 seconds burst per 30m³ of space.

Whenever possible, keep doors and windows closed for 15 minutes after each treatment. Also direct mist into areas where insects are present. Keep spray at least 1 m from interior wall, fabrics and furniture. CRAWLING INSECTS: Cockroaches, spiders, crickets, ants, carpet beetles, centipedes and silverfish. Spray hiding places such as baseboards, moist areas, openings around sinks, drains and pipes, behind cabinets and storage areas. Spray ant trails, around door sills, window frames, or in ant nests. Insects must be hit to be killed. BED BUGS: Spray mattress, particularly around seams and tufts. Take beds apart, spray the frame and springs. Spray all joints. Repeat as required. FLEAS: Spray infested areas such as pet’s bed and resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along and behind baseboards, window and door frames and localized areas of floor and floor covering where these pests may be present. Remove old bedding and replace with fresh clean bedding after treatment.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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