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Sensi Cal Mag Xtra

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Calcium, Magnesium & Iron Plants Need

Iron, Kelp & Micro Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra Iron, Kelp & Micro Nutrients

Feed your crops the extra Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and Iron(Fe) they need if you use a Non-Advanced base nutrient with Sensi Cal Mag Xtra. Plants – like all forms of life, including humans – require a complete range of essential elements in order to thrive. Not one can be lacking, or your crops may suffer nutrient deficiencies. Of course, different concentrations of different nutrients are required by plants and animals at different stages of their lives.

Just like young developing children, your plants need vitamins and minerals. Your plants need a steady supply of calcium and magnesium to ensure vigorous, healthy growth. But even expert growers often overlook another crucial element for high-value crops. That being specific forms of Iron in precise ratios.

If you’re using an Advanced Nutrients base nutrient, your crops are already getting the correct amounts of (Ca), (Mg) and (Fe). But if your using another brand base nutrient, crops could suffer from stunted growth or yellowing leaves. If that’s the case, us Sensi Cal Mag Xtra. The nutrient supplement formulated with the ratios of (Ca), (Mg) and (Fe) crops need.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) – 4%*

*4% Nitrate Nitrogen

Calcium (Ca) – 3.2%

Magnesium (Mg) – 1.1%*

*1% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg)

Iron (Fe) – 0.09%*

*0.09% Chelated Iron (Fe)

Manganese (Mn) – 0.05%*

*0.05% Chelated Manganese (Mn)

Zinc (Zn) – 0.05%*

*0.05% Chelated Zinc (Zn)

Seaweed Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) – 0.1%

Derived From: Calcium nitrate, iron EDTA, magnesium nitrate, manganese EDTA, seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum), zinc EDTA.


The Industry’s Breakthrough Cal-Mag Additive to Work for your Cannabis!


It’s called Sensi Cal Mag Xtra®.

It’s the most comprehensive first aid kit designed specifically for the kinds of plants you grow…

And it’s the only Cal-Mag additive you’ll EVER need to correct nutrient deficiencies in your crop.

Because here’s the thing…

With Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, you’re getting an abundance of chelated calcium, magnesium and iron… Which can do wonders for your plants.

They ensure your root zone absorbs optimal nutrition.

And they stop common nutrient deficiencies in their tracks…

Transforming your plants back into the champion producers you desperately need them to be.

But you’re also getting so much more than that.

Look, the reality is…


Most Cal-Mag Additives Are Designed for… Tomatoes!


And they lack the additional nutrients your cannabis is starving for.

And just like you wouldn’t feed your dog fish food…

You shouldn’t feed your complex plants a solution made for a vegetable.

At least, you wouldn’t be doing your crop any favors.

In fact, if you’ve ever used a generic Cal-Mag additive… only to watch your garden’s condition worsen over time…

It could very well be another nutrient deficiency you haven’t yet discovered!

Which is why when you use Sensi Cal Mag Xtra, you’re also getting…


Valuable Micronutrients Your Plants Must Absorb If They Want a Fighting Chance!


Remember, calcium and magnesium are NOT the only nutrients your cannabis plants could be lacking.

For starters, they could be hungry for more iron

ESPECIALLY if you’re growing in coco coir.

Even though it’s a fantastic growing medium, coco coir naturally binds to iron…

Preventing your plant from absorbing this essential nutrient.

Which is why we use chelated iron, which cloaks itself from the binding forces of coco coir.

What’s more…

Your plants also need optimal ratios of manganese and zinc… Or else you risk getting underdeveloped buds that leads to disappointing yields.

Now, as you can see, even if we stopped there…

Your plants would already benefit from a more robust range of nutrients than with any other Cal-Mag additive.

But delivering exceptional results embedded in our Advanced Nutrients DNA.

And if we can provide even more support to your crop, we won’t stop at anything to engineer the perfect solution.

Which is why…

We’ve Fortified Sensi Cal Mag Xtra® with Kelp for an Added Boost of Game-Changing Benefits

An all-natural powerhouse for fueling optimal cannabis performance.

You could have the most sophisticated nutrient lineup in the world.

But if you don’t include kelp in your routine, you’re missing out on crucial benefits every top grower enjoys.
Benefits like…

A robust range of vitamins and minerals… The secret ingredients behind smooth and effective plant processes… That your plants could be lacking!

Creating optimal conditions to strengthen root zone… So your underground network has everything it needs to support heavy yields of full, potent bud

And when you put kelp, critical micronutrients, and chelated calcium and magnesium in one bottle…

You’ll compensate for any deficiencies without spending hours wracking your brain for the answers.

So, it’s easy to see why…


Sensi Cal Mag Xtra® is a Must-Have for the Serious Grower


And why thousands of growers across the globe make sure they always keep a bottle on their shelves.

Picture what life will look like for you when you don’t have to spend hours – or even days on end – guessing what’s wrong with your garden.

No more frantic calls to your old mentor. No more long nights reading hundreds of forum posts about nutrient deficiencies.

Because you’ve already got the ultimate solution.

And at the very first sight of curling, yellow leaves…

You know exactly what to give your plants to bounce back from any nutrient deficiency.

If you’re ready to eliminate any guesswork and restore your vibrant green champion producers at the first sight of trouble, then you need to jump on this.

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