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Root Builder

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Root Builder is a broad spectrum of beneficial micro-organisms which promote plant nutrient uptake, and reduces disease for soil and hydroponic systems.
Hydroponics, drain to waste, recirculating, soil/soilless
Root zone inoculant of selected beneficial bacteria for bigger and healthier roots

Green Planet Root Builder


Green Planet Nutrients Root Builder

Root Builder is our root zone inoculant comprised of specifically selected beneficial bacillus bacteria. It promotes a healthy and active root zone at all stages of growth.

Green Planet Nutrients Root Builder

Root zone inoculant of selected beneficial bacteria for bigger and healthier roots

This is a liquid fertilizer additive that is used throughout the vegetative & flowering stage.

CFIA Registration Number: 2019125A

Guaranteed Analysis


GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Amendment Ingredients:

Bacillus Licheniformis….100,000,000 cfu/ml (1×108)

Bacillus Subtilis…………100,000,000 cfu/ml (1×108)

For Use In
  • Coco
  • Soil & Soilless
  • Hydro
  • Continuous Liquid Feed Program



  • Used as a microbial soil amendment
  • Aids in treating soil salinity problems
  • Makes any nutrients more bio-available
  • Strengthens the immune system of plants
  • Builds soil structure, aids in moisture retention and treats problems associated with soil salinity
  • Increases the root size and hence fruit size of your crops
  • Useful in the growth and bloom stage of plants
  • Excellent as starter or co-mix for compost teas.
  • Diluted product may be applied directly to the soil as a pre-plant or post-plant treatment.
  • Soil applications should be made on moistened soil and watered in when possible.
  • Product should not be used in re-circulating hydroponics systems due to the fact of exclusive growth in your reservoir.
    Why choose Green Planet Nutrients?

    Green Planet’s growers will often tell you how much better their growing experiences have been since switching to our plant fertilizers.

    We’re passionate about sourcing the purest, cleanest water while using the highest quality ingredients and materials, ensuring that the environment is protected and improving the lives of the people who grow with them. It is for this reason specifically that we produce the world’s best plant fertilizers.
    Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our customers say below and be sure to check the comments and reviews on our social media platforms such as Insta and FB. Grow with confidence!

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