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Pro 6 680W LED

879.96 $USD


Highest Efficacy LED Chips Samsung 301H & Osram deep rod diodes provide

Prolux Pro 6 680W LED  

Pro 6 680W LED was designed to maximize performance. Several changes were made to further enhance light output. Reliably sourced components including Samsung LED’s and Osram deep red LED’s create improved performance . The LED model E gently drives LED’s to optimize fixture life and improve spectral output. The 8 passively cooled bars provide full spectrum, broad coverage light for full spectrum.

The LED 680 is a 1850 umol/s fixture. It can be used in a top light, multi-tiers or commercial  grow applications. This powerful, full-spectrum light source is intended for full term plant growth from the vegetative stage to the higher light requiring bloom stage.

Highest Efficacy LED Chips Samsung 301H & Osram deep rod diodes provide 2.85 umol/J PPE, LED Model E 680W is a flowering fixture. it can achieve a high average ppfd of 1000 umol/s on your crop. For mixed vegetative / flowering environments and to tune the amount of light to the plants you grow.

Dimmable: 270W / 410W / 550W / 680W

Is compatible with Protilux controllers. Equipped with an external RJ14 cabler for installation of 160 fixtures per controller port by daisy chaining fixtures.

Pro 6 680W LED Specifications
Input Power


Number of Light Bars



2.85 μmol/J


1850 μmol/s

Input Voltage

Autosensing 100-277V

Mounting Height

+ 6″ (15cm) Above Canopy

Thermal Management




Power Factor


Colour Rendering Index


Ambient Temperature

-40*C – +40*C

Storage Environment

-40*C – +85*C / RH 10-95%




Fixture Dimensions

43.5″L x 44″W x 2.3″H (111cm x 112cm x 5.8cm)

Fixture Weight

27.5Lbs (12.5kg)


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