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May 6, 2014
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May 6, 2014

Phosphoload – 1 liter

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Phosphoload can add Up to 30% Yield Increase
Stops Vertical Growth
Promotes heavier, denser buds

Phosphoload is one of our most popular products

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Phosphoload utilizes a new technology which extracts unique isolates from coal derived humates. These Humatic Isolates are powerful rare earth elements that when combined with Phospholipid Technology, unlocks the floodgates for a fast & powerful flowering response.
The Phospholipid Technology then incenses or switches the flowering receptor sites on, which then allows these Humatic Isolates to exert their powerful flowering effect.
Plants flowered with Phosphoload stop their upward growth almost immediately & start to form numerous, tight & heavy clusters of flowers that continue for many weeks.
Growers who use Phosphoload can expect larger heavier yields of flowers with an average yield increase of 25 to 30%.

plants will stop vertical growth 1-2 days after first use of phosphoload.

Use 2ml-4ml per liter of water for 1 week during the early to mid flowering stage.


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