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March 15, 2015
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March 15, 2015

PH Probe

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36.76 $USD 28.76 $USD

A replacement probe for Bluelab Combo and pH Meters as well as the Bluelab Guardian Monitor.

Good value replacement probe for  pH Meters.

Generic probe will work on most meters

Unfortunately pH Probes do not last forever as they age through normal use and will eventually fail. With good care and use (keeping the probe tip wet and cleaning once a month) you will extend its life.

A gel filled non-refillable probe, so apart from cleaning is maintenance free.

Replace only the pH probe, not the whole meter!

Weight 1.8 kg

1 review for PH Probe

  1. Joel Visser

    works well with my bluelab, Probe was a bit dry but calibrated just fine after soaking it over night

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