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Nivola Sulphur Evaporator

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Indoor – Greenhouse Sulphur Evaporator

For Mildew Control
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Nivola Sulphur Evaporator

To deal with mildew effectively, just the right amount of evaporated Sulphur and a good distribution of the vapours are necessary. We have specialized in fighting mildew throughout the world for more than 60 years with our Nivola Sulphur Evaporator.

Get Rid of Mildew

One of the best methods for the prevention and control of mildew!

  • Effective and reliable
  • Optimum distribution of the Sulphur
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifetime
Electrical power: 100 W
Mains voltage: 230 V of 110 V
Element: ceramic with E-27 fitting
Casing: Aluminium
Casing bracket: adjustable in height
Connecting cable 110 V: 1.75 k with moulded-on North-American plug
Available Replacement Parts

100W Element for 110V mains voltage
Aluminum Bin

The new model of bin has a broader overhanging rim that drops easily over the internal container. All Nivola Sulphur evaporators are supplied with the new model of bin. The new bins also fit the Sulphur evaporators previously supplied.

The Nivola Sulphur Evaporator is safe to use in your grow room or greenhouse. Run for 2-5 hours during dark cycle. Stop usage 3 weeks before harvest on consumable products.

Safety and prevention

Advances in knowledge and increasing regulations have encouraged Nivola to make innovative modifications to the Nivola Sulphur Evaporator. The new shape of the bin means that if the devise is used incorrectly (hung badly, overfilled), it is impossible for the Sulphur to come into direct contact with the heating element. Safety above all!

Use of a Sulphur Evaporator

A Sulphur Evaporator uses heating in combination with airflow to spread the Sulphur through the greenhouse. A Sulphur Evaporator contains a 100W heating element, aluminum tray for adding the Sulphur, dripping tray and a roof. By filling the Sulphur in the tray, the Sulphur is heated with the heating element. Until the evaporation temperature is reached, a maximum amount of Sulphur can be evaporated. The powerful air flow then creates a chimney effect, as a result of which the Sulphur is spread uniformly.

An even distribution is very important, because Sulphur has an effect on the basis of contact. This means that it works at the place where the Sulphur touches the leaf. So: the better the spread, the more leaf is covered, the greater the protection for powdery mildew.

How many Sulphur Evaporators and Sulphur do I need?

How much Sulphur evaporators you need in a greenhouse and how much Sulphur you need to evaporate every week to control for powdery mildew depends on the crop and the disease pressure. The amount of hours you have to Sulphur the crop, depends on the pressure of mildew inside the greenhouse. We will be happy to inform you about how many Sulphur burners you need to use.
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100w Element Replacement, Aluminum Bin Replacement, Evaporator Kit