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May 6, 2014
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May 6, 2014

PH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A&B Set

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NEW…. PH / PPM Perfect Formula

If you want amazing yields and high-quality crops, use Connoisseur A&B 2 Part Premium Flowering Fertilizer.

Through its special blend of highest quality ingredients, Connoisseur Part A&B give you control over a wide variety of plant mechanisms.

  • More Budding Sites
  • Earlier Peak Flowering
  • Larger, Denser Flowers
  • More Essential Oils
  • More Aromatics
  • More Taste
  • More Attractive Flowers
  • Higher Market Price For FlowersStart using Connoisseur Part A&B one week after flowering has been triggered, mixing it directly into the reservoirs.
    An initial dose of 2.0 ml Part A and 2.0 ml Part B per each litre of nutrient solution is recommended, to be followed by applications at rates falling between 1.5 to 5.0 ml of fertilizer per liter of water.This Powerful Fertilizer is not for everybody, but… If You Can Afford to Invest in the Biggest Hydroponics Harvests Ever Seen, Then You Can Afford ConnoisseurLet’s get some important facts clear right now up front: If you’re looking for an “inexpensive” bloom fertilizer, Connoisseur isn’t for you.We make plenty of other bloom fertilizers that already work way better than any of the bloom fertilizers made by our competitors.CONNOISSEUR· Biggest Hydroponics Harvests in the World
    · Pays For Itself With Bigger Yields
    · Closely Guarded, Ultra- Premium Formula
    The New Ph – PPM Perfect base nutrients contain value-added components that will enhance the performance of any type of garden, and include:

    • F-1 (fulvates)
    • H-2 (humates)
    • An amino acid complex
    • Wet Betty (non-ionic surfactant)

    Bigger Yields Flowering System™ Overview

    The Bigger Yields Flowering System™ is guaranteed to give growers huge yields of the highest quality, without a lot of complicated mixing rates. Simply put, the grower selects which of the bundled levels best suits their own skill level and garden, and can then leave the rest up to the proprietary pH Perfect™ Technology nutrient technologies incorporated into these revolutionary crop feeding nutrients.

    The feeding chart provided with each of the bundles, whether the grower is at the Hobbyist, Expert, Professional or Grand Master Grower Level has been developed and refined to give crops optimal nutrient levels and ratios for massive yields every time. Advanced Nutrients™ has developed the first-ever pH Perfect™ Technology nutrient system for crop feeding.

    By simply using the value added, combined formulations there are fewer bottles and easier mixing rates. Add 4 ml of base nutrients, and 2 ml of the additives per Liter, and that’s it. The pH of the solution will instantly correct itself into the optimal range when the components are mixed with water. The formulations contain a proprietary “smart” release of acid and alkaline molecules, that will correct the pH to optimum and keep it there.

    With the Bigger Yields Flowering System™, nutrient uptake is unparalleled. Chelation is a process that makes nutrients more available to plants on a molecular level. The nutrients supplied to the crop will have the highest level of chelation available from any product in the marketplace, ensuring maximum nutrient uptake; under the widest range of growing conditions.

    Combining the pH Perfect™ Technology with an unsurpassed level of chelation ensures that the balanced ratios of the formulations used in the Bigger Yields Flowering System™ are constantly being delivered to and taken up by the plants root system. The formulas used take care of the crop from top to bottom, promoting huge root systems, thicker stems, bigger leaves and the hugest blooms.

    Advanced Nutrients™ has added value and simplified the use of the individual products in the system by creating 2-in-1 and even 5-in-1 products. For example, when growers add base nutrients, not only will they be adding balanced ratios of chelated macro and micro elements; they will be adding crop enhancers such as humates, fulvates, amino acids, and even a high quality non-ionic surfactant. These crop enhancers can help to improve the performance of any growing system, whether the grower likes to garden in dirt or produce hydroponically. Each of the growing levels offered gives progressively bigger yields; the grower selects the level that suits their skill level and needs.

    This is the New Ph PPM Perfect Formula




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