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Net Pots

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Plastic Mesh Pot Custom designed for Aeroponics and Hydroponics.

promote healthy roots by offering even drainage.

They are great for all your plants

They Come In A Variety Of Sizes

2″   /   3″   /   3.5″   /   5″   /   6″



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Pro Grow’s Net Pots

Grow like a pro with Pro Grow’s assortment of Net Pots, mesh pots, and baskets. They are great for all your plants, and promote healthy roots by offering even drainage. Allowing roots to grow through the large mesh grid promotes bigger, healthier roots. You can use these with any of your favorite growing media.

Plastic Mesh Pot Custom designed for Aeroponics and Hydroponics.

This is a great mesh pot with lots of room for the roots to grow out of and allows for rapid growth. This plastic pot is made with food grade plastic with a mesh web design. This net pot is an excellent choice when a plastic mesh basket is required.

 For Hydroponics

In the world of hydroponics, planting in net pots is as planting in holes in the ground is to traditional gardening.

They are also akin to the pots you grow houseplants in. But, in hydroponics, they house the growing medium that anchors the plants.

Without net pots, there is nowhere to place your plants and allow them to root, within your hydroponic growing system.

If you’re curious about exactly what is a hydroponic net pot, let us help you better understand.

Net pots are webbed or slotted containers with holes in their sides and bottoms. They come in many shapes and sizes but are generally round or square. Secure plants and their growing medium in hydroponic systems allowing water and nutrients to flow freely to and from the root system.

Net Pots: What To Know

Most  pots are reusable, designed with a plastic mesh body that promotes superior circulation of water, nutrients, and oxygen.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important factors to understand about them, below.

What Are Net Pots Used For?

 Another major use  is containing the system’s growing medium.  For example, they allow the plant’s roots to dangle in the water and soak up water and nutrients in the deep water culture system.

The best mediums to fill

  • Rockwool
  • Clay pebbles / Hydroton
  • Clean gravel
  • Grow sponges

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