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February 21, 2015
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NanoDome Mini Greenhouse Kit

55.96 $USD

Growing what you love has never been easier.

Grow What You Love. Love What You Grow

SunBlaster NanoDome Mini Greenhouse Kit

SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kits have been the starting point for many of today’s Modern Growers.

There simply is no better or faster way to get growing fresh microgreens, herbs or seeds started ready for transplant.

Start flower or vegetable seedlings, propagate fresh cuttings, or grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen.

Mini Greenhouse Kits use our professional grade lighting as the catalyst for great growing.

We include everything you need but seed and soil, to get you up and growing fast.

All Mini Greenhouse Kits include:
  • Full Spectrum 6400K Grow Lights (LED or T5HO)
  • 7″  Vented NanoDome for optimizing the light over your grow tray
  • Heavy Duty 1020 Tray to retain your growing medium
The Mini Greenhouse … a nice little kit to get you started!

SunBlaster’s Mini Greenhouse makes propagation easy! This custom kit includes everything you need to start flower or vegetable seedlings, propagate fresh cuttings, or grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen all year long.


So easy to use you will love it! Made exclusively for the SunBlaster T5HO & NanoTech Reflector combo, the SunBlaster™ NanoDome has a unique H pattern which enables you to lay your lighting across a single dome or multiple domes. The SunBlaster™ NanoDome gets more of the light your plants love to them than any other dome on the market! Get the results you deserve with the SunBlaster NanoDome.


This unbeatable combo from SunBlaster™ sets the standard for indoor growing and propagation. Truly made for each other, the NanoTech Reflector simply snaps into place, between the lamp and the ballast on the SunBlaster™ T5HO Lamp.
This one of a kind combination not only recovers 100% of the previously lost light that traditional T5 lights experience, it also redirects higher quality light deeper and wider across your growing area. High quality light with superior penetration is what it is all about, and this combo delivers brilliantly. SunBlaster™ T5HO Lamp & NanoTech T5 Reflector combos come in: 18”, 2’, 3’ and 4’ lengths.
SunBlaster™ T5HO’s easily link together, allowing you to light multiple NanoDomes in an almost endless configuration depending on your application. This combo is one of the most advanced T5HO lighting system available today.

The SunBlaster™ Double thick 1020 tray is twice as thick as standard trays, ensuring it will last season after season. Don’t let your hard work end up on the floor; protect your efforts by using Double thick 1020 tray from SunBlaster™ for all your propagation needs.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 10 in


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