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May 6, 2014
Air Cool Tube Reflector
May 6, 2014


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The ultimate reflective film that is 97% reflective.

This film is extremely durable, puncture & tear resistant.
Comes in rolls of 48” by 25, 50 or 100 ft.

Pro Grow Mylar

Maximize your lighting setup without adding more lamps or additional heat sources. Mylar Reflective metalized film makes the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants. This makes your light effectively work twice for you. The light film unspools easily from a sturdy roll with no sticking or waste. The roll also makes it easy to store. Simply cut what you need to cover windows, walls, and more. You can even place film on tables or floors, then put plants on it and reflect heat up through their pots and other containers. This reflective metalized film is the best reflective material made. Experience its mirror-like efficiency for yourself!

This material reflects 95% of the light that hits it. Great to use on walls to optimize light reflectivity.

Can be fastened to most surfaces with staples or spray-cement.

Sizes Available
  • Reflective Metalized Film, 100′ x 48″, 2 mil
  • Reflective Metalized Film, 50′ x 48″, 2 mil
  • Reflective Metalized Film, 25′ x 48″, 2 mil
Why Are Reflective Materials Important for Growing Cannabis?

Reflective materials help growers make the most of their light source. In fact, cultivators can achieve up to 30% more light exposure by lining the walls of their growing space. This doesn’t require any more electricity or additional lights; it’s simply the result of optimising a resource that you already have at your disposal. More light means more energy and improved growth, meaning you can expect to see your plants grow faster and produce superior yields.

Mylar (90–95% Reflectivity)

Most grow tents are lined with Mylar—and for good reason. This material reflects up to 95% of the light that hits it. Outside of grow tents, you can also purchase sheets of Mylar to line the walls of a grow room or greenhouse. Mylar doesn’t cost very much either. This works out quite cheap, and it’s easier than buying a bundle of emergency blankets.

However, Mylar is a light and fairly delicate material, so it rips and creases quite easily. Again, it only takes a bit of tape or adhesive spray to cover your walls and doors with this reflective material.





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