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June 16, 2014
Mogul Socket / Leads
June 17, 2014

Mogul Socket

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Provides ultimate in quality & performance for high intensity discharge lighting applications.

Made from the highest-quality porcelain
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Mogul Socket

Mogul Socket  porcelain lamp holders. European mogul socket provides the ultimate in quality and performance for high intensity discharge (HID) lighting applications. Made from the highest-quality porcelain, the lamp holder provides a superior screw shell with lamp grips.

The light bulb socket in the center has a larger diameter (an E39 or E40 mogul base) than a regular E26 mogul socket, and is typically made of cast porcelain for the higher temperatures.

What’s a light socket adapter? light socket adapter enable light bulbs to be fitted to lamps or other light fixtures that are built with sockets of varying sizes. These light socket adapters essentially work as interim sockets that, once screwed into a fixture’s own socket, allow for such fixtures to use either larger or smaller light bulbs than what they have been built to hold.

light bulb socket adapter that allow for the fitting of smaller bulbs are called ‘socket reducers. While those that enable the use of larger bulbs are called ‘socket enlargers’.

This light socket converter (Bayonet to screw) works well as long as you do not have older light fittings/connections. The depth between the bayonets is not long enough when compared to a bayonet bulb. For example, it is only a couple of millimeters but it makes it impossible to fit when. The light shade has a thicker than a couple of millimeter holder, or the plastic screw in fittings/connectors on the light are of the longer type.

What is the difference between a mogul base and a medium base?

A: mogul sockets are the standard for single ended (SE) metal halide lighting. Medium base is very similar to a household incandescent socket and is usually only available for lower wattages.

mogul socket: Mogul Construction: One-Piece Lamp Type: Super Metalarc Horz HID Circuit: Single Circuit Access: Back Wired Wattage Rating: 1500W
Voltage: 600 Volt Termination: 12-Inch 14GA SEW-2 200C Leads Mounting. 2 8-32 Screws Screw Shell Material: Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy Shell Material: Glazed Porcelain
mogul base porcelain lamp holder.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in


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