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Microbial Munch

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Microbials are expensive. Too expensive to be guessing whether they work. “Bacillus-this, rhizo-that, that will be a hundred dollars please!” And for what? A couple of ounces of bacteria. Do you ever really know if the little guys are doing their job? You’d be surprised how many nutrient companies take no measures to ensure your microbials aren’t dead in the bottle before you purchase them.

Well what if you had an insurance policy? What if a group of 23 PhD plant scientists had been given full legal permission to study the cannabis plant, rigorously experimenting and confirming their results one tissue sample at a time, over many years, and had come up with a scientifically tested and proven solution the microbial dilemma, so that you knew you were maximizing the growth potential of your roots, shoots and overall yield?

As it turns out, just such a team of PhD plant scientists exists, and has done just that. In fact, that’s how Advanced Nutrients started, with the quest to scientifically test what works and what doesn’t with cannabis.

Not potatoes. Not tomatoes. Not lettuce. Not mushrooms. Not peppers. Not spices. Not onions, eggplants or squash.


That’s all Advanced Nutrients has ever been interested in growing, that’s all we’ve ever tested, and that’s all we’ll continue to test. Especially for medical purposes. And it shows in how many cups our nutrients have won around the globe. (All of them).

Recently, our team has cracked the code for how to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of microbial products in the root zone of the cannabis plant.

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