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June 17, 2014
LS2 Timer (4 light) 240V
June 17, 2014

LS1 Timer (4 light) 120V

104.00 $USD

 Switcher is specifically designed for operation of high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems.

The LS1 can activate 4 lights with one single trigger input

Grozone LS1 Timer (4 light) 120V

Grozone LS1: Light and High Load Switcher (120V-120V)

LS1 Timer (4 light) 120V Series of light and high load switchers provide safe and reliable switching of high current equipment such as HID lighting, high amperage heaters or dehumidifiers. The unit performs the high current switching by means of a low-current 120Vac sense cord. This sense cord can be activated by regular timers. Multiple units can be installed to control a higher number of loads.

Included Modules and Accessories

    • Grozone LS1 module
    • One User Guide
    • One screw kit



  • Input Voltage
  • 120 V
  • Output Voltage
  • 120 V
  • Connect wires
    and tighten strain relief
  • Close lid and screw
  • Lamps and pilot will turn on when timer switches ON
Wire Size :
  • Use 8 AWG wires for 250 to 1000-W lamps
  • Lamps will turn on
    when timer switches ON.
  • Lamps will turn off
    when a High temp situation is at hand
    and stay off until temp cools down and delay elapses
Why You Need a Grow Light Timer When Growing Marijuana Plants

The age-old question — why do I need to change the grow light schedule when growing weed indoors?

For starters — grow light timers are the reason why you can grow cannabis indoors. Without a grow light timer, you would not be able to switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage.

Aside from making the indoor cultivation experience possible, here’s a list of associated benefits of using a grow light timer when growing weed indoors:

  • Prevent hermies (hermaphrodites)
  • Prevent stress
  • Increase control

Remember, cannabis plants are photoperiodic. Therefore, you must use grow light timers to mimic the changing of the seasons to trick the cannabis plant to vegetate or flower.

When it comes to marijuana plants, two stages are essential for indoor cannabis cultivators:

  • Vegetative phase
  • Flowering phase

To achieve either of the stages mentioned above, you’ll need to adjust the timer to ensure your cannabis grow light system turns on and off at specific intervals. Here are the most common timing cycles that indoor cannabis cultivators depend on:

  • Vegetative stage: 18/6 or 24/0
  • Flowering stage: 12/12
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