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May 6, 2014
Pure Blend Soil Formula
May 6, 2014

Liquid Karma

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Bio-Catalyst Plant Stimulant

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Botanicare Liquid Karma

The introduction of LIQUID KARMA represents a major and significant breakthrough in plant nutrition. This is because LIQUID KARMA ™ contains a full complement of metabolically active organic compounds not found in regular plant foods or supplements. These unique compounds are absorbed immediately and act as regulatory signals, activators or catalysts to produce synchronized and accelerated growth under all conditions. LIQUID KARMA ™ functions as a growth engine because its high metabolic activity produces a large amount of energy which is immediately transformed to growth.

When used in combination with your preferred plant food, Liquid Karma may enhance the availability of nutrients for plant uptake.

This dynamic supplement is one of the most versatile products in our line. Liquid Karma sparks vegetative growth during the early stages of plant life. Its low nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium content allows it to be used for plant starts, cuttings, seedlings and mother plants. Liquid Karma may aid with root development and nutrient uptake which allows for more vigorous foliage, fruit and bud sites. Used in foliar application Liquid Karma will further enhance growth.


N 0.1%, – P 0.1%, – K 0.5%


Can be used with any nutrient line (recommended with Blend Pro) or others and alongside any other nutrient additive. Suitable for hydroponics, container, and soil application.

Use with every watering during your entire growth cycle. Shake well before each use. Mix well and adjust pH accordingly. 5-10 ml per gallon from clones or seedling into ripening.

Foliar use add 1 tbsp (15 ml) per gal of water, mix well and adjust pH to 6.2-7.0


Plant Growth Enhancer. Botanicare Liquid Karma contains select natural and organic ingredients not found in most commercial plant foods. These metabolically active compounds are highly beneficial to crops and can be used in ALL mediums, especially hydroponics.

  • • Bigger blooms = Better yields
  • • Accelerated growth under ALL conditions
  • • Highly concentrated — a little goes a long way!
  • • An excellent food source for beneficial microbes
  • • Protects against transplant shock and other plant stresses
Benefits of Using 

Extensive research and field trials indicate that  KARMA  produces beneficial results during every phase of plant growth. Starting with seed germination and following through to vegetative growth, budding and flowering, the continued use of KARMA ensures optimal plant growth at every stage.

Application Rates
Seed Germination 5 ml/gallon
Vegetative Growth 10-15 ml gallon
Flowering 10-15 ml gallon
Transplanting 15 ml gallon
Rooting 15-20 ml gallon
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