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LED & T5HO Light Accessories

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SunBlaster LED & T5HO Light Accessories

Flush Kit

LED & T5HO Light Accessories .These thin sturdy metal design holds your lights firmly. And takes practically no vertical space away from your lighting installation, allowing you to get the most plant in the least amount of space. Always use 2 clips per light for a secure, stable installation.

Hanging Clips

Ideal for suspending  your SunBlaster lighting overhead, simply use a simple “S” hook or similar to suspend your lighting over your target area. The Hanging clips simply snap on to the ballast of your SunBlaster T5HO or our New LED Strip lighting. Always use 2 clips per light for a secure, stable installation.

Link Cords

The SunBlaster Connector Cord is for growers who want to add even more SunBlaster T5 tubes to their lighting system. These cables link tubes together, end-to-end, saving power. They enable up to eight ballasts to be connected together, with only one wall plug. Please note that this product is an “extra” cord. Each SunBlaster includes both a power cord and one Connector Cord.

Solid Links

SunBlaster T5HO lighting kits and combos come in standard in 2′ 3′ and 4′ lengths, these are the most poplar sizes.  You may have a custom application that you would like to have a continuous run of lighting, not interrupted by a linking cord. That’s where our Solid Link connectors come in. Use the Solid Link connectors between two 4′ SunBlaster T5’s.  Remember you can link up to and including 8 SunBlaster T5HO lighting kits or Combo’s form a single power source.

Power Cord

Power cord for with switch for all SunBlaster T5HO and LED Strip Lights. 6′ in length and includes a on/off switch. Remember a single power cord can be used to run up to 8 units that are interconnected via our linking cords.

SunBlaster has been at the forefront of today’s Indoor Growing for over two decades now. From our early years in the late 90’s our commitment and focus. Has always been to provide the best possible Indoor horticultural lighting for today’s urban growers.

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Flush Clips, Hanging Clips, Link Cord 14", Link Cord 36", Powe Cord, Solid Links


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