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May 6, 2014
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Jiffy 7 Pellets 25/50/100/Pack

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All-natural Jiffy Peat Pellets

If you are looking for a clean & cost-effective propagation solution
Jiffy 7 Pellets 25/50/100/Pack The Original

Jiffy 7 Pellets 25/50/100/Pack Many professional propagators may be familiar with the Jiffy-7 pellet. The Jiffy-7 has a long track-record and is currently available in a wide variety of sizes, tray configurations and media choices to fit all growers’ needs.

  • Stronger roots
  • Food safe
  • Sustainable

If you are looking for a clean and cost-effective propagation solution which is well-suited to almost any crop, and is configured with most existing automation systems, then the Jiffy-7 is the best solution.

Jiffy Pellets

Propagating seeds and cuttings or tissue culture with Jiffy Pellets has a number of clear advantages for the professional grower. You can consistently record higher and faster levels of in-pot germination thanks to the uniform growing in Jiffy Pellets, consistent quality, means consistent results. Your plant yields will be higher as seedlings do not have to be removed from the container, the pellet eliminates root disturbance, and simply planted into the nest growing stage without transplant shock. These shorter growing process cycles also mean considerable labor-savings and water-use reduction. Jiffy Pellets are a logical choice for professional propagators who want to be more profitable.

  • Better, faster germination
  • Labor-saving
  • Lower water use

 The 100% peat and the coir/peat mix pellets have the medium exposed to high temperature flash drying to create a sterile substrate.

Great germination, higher profits

Jiffy Pellets are an open-wall, net container and medium all in one. They are easy to work with, economical to ship (being supplied as lightweight, highly compressed, dry discs). And they transplant well, either into larger containers, or directly into the ground.

PLA Netting
Reducing the use of plastic in packaging and production purposes is an important global issue. Jiffy is now in the process of switching from PE and PP plastics to PLA netting for all Jiffy Pellets. PLA net is a lightweight (12-gram weight), fine-fiber bio-web made of polylactic acid. The PLA net is biodegradable and compostable under controlled, industrial conditions. It is certified according to the harmonized European standard EN13432.
Product Certifications
To guarantee the high quality standard of our products. We certify our product portfolio for organic use, biodegradability, quality, uniformity, etc. This way we help you to meet the requirements your products need in the field for organic production, sustainability, biodegradability and quality.
Quick Description: The very best pellet for seed starting! Each one contains weed-free professional grade Canadian Sphagnum peat. Add water, and the Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets quickly swell to 7x its original size to become a perfect self contained pot with its own perfect medium for starting seeds.
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