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February 13, 2021
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February 15, 2021

Hydro-X Lighting Control Adaptor

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Hydro-X Lighting Control Adaptor

TrolMaster’s Hydro-X Lighting Control Adaptor controls most horticultural lighting fixtures sold on the market today. Most light manufacturers provide ability to control lighting systems using low-volt control. Low-volt control can take many forms and communication protocols. TrolMaster makes several types of lighting adapters (LMA units) that allow Hydro-X to control lights using their low-volt control option.

Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter, designed for daily light management systems. Having 2 separate lines allows user to create multiple lighting layouts (and dimming sequence) based on individual preferences. System can efficiently control lighting by running a schedule. With advanced functions like auto dimming, overheat shutdown, sunrise & sunset simulation.

Each lighting line MUST have a single wattage/type of fixture connected. You cannot mix fixtures with different wattages on same line interconnect wiring. 256 lights controlled on each line,  512 lights in total, like ThinkGrow Digital Ballasts. A lighting control adapter (signal converter) is available for controlling traditional lights with analog signal (0-10v), like Gavita etc. Because of limitation of analog signal, the system can control up to 40 traditional ballasts on each line, and 80 traditional ballasts in total on both lines.

  • LED Power Indicator
  •  Convert Digital Signal to Analog Signal
  •  Seamless Connection with Hydro-X with RJ12 Cable
  •  Plug & Play
  • Output Voltage:                                0~11.5V
  • Maximum Current:                            0.2A
  • Working Environments:                   Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity=90%
  • Package Dimensions:                     156mm(L) x 83mm(W) x 30mm(H)
  • G.W. per weight:                              0.05kgs


LMA-11 – Lighting Control Adapter P is specially designed for controlling P (Phantom) ballast.




LMA-12 – Lighting Control Adapter D is specially designed for controlling D (Dimlux) ballast.




LMA-13 – Lighting Control Adapter S is specially designed for controlling Sunsystem ballast (except SunSystem LEC 630).




LMA-14 – Lighting Control Adapter F is specially designed to control HIDs like Protilux/Gavita/Nanolux/Luxx/Growers Choice/Illuminar/PL and LEDs like Protilux/Fluence/Next light/Photobio

      NOTE: Each LMA-14 controls up to 40 HID lights or 24 LEDs. Additional LMA-14 adapters used with SPH-1 to control as many lights as required.


LMA-15 – Lighting Control Adapter DLI is specially designed to control the DLI fixtures.




LMA-24 – Lantern Schedule Adapter F is specially designed to use both two channels on the Hydro-X system to create a lantern schedule control for any lights with 0-10V protocol. It is compatible with HIDs like Protilux/Gavita/Nanolux/Luxx/Growers Choice/Illuminar/PL and LEDs like Protilux/Fluence/Next light/Spectrum King.


LMA-T – Lighting Control Adaptor T works specifically with the ThinkGrow LED systems to provide two channel control, which allows separate control for full spectrum and second red output levels on the ThinkGrow LEDs.

The LMA-T simply connects to the lighting control ports Line 1 and Line 2 on the HCS-1. So user can set individual ON and OFF times, and dimming settings for full spectrum LEDs, and second red LEDs.

LMA-T connects RJ type lighting control cables where LEDs connect. Back to controller in a daisy-chain configuration using plug-and-play connections.

One adaptor runs up to 256 ThinkGrow LEDs.




LMA-G Group Control Lighting Adaptor is specially designed for ThinkGrow Model-I and I Plus. The LMA-G connects with a lighting control adaptor to offer group control functions to grow lights. Each LMA-G can control one group of lights. Each light group requires one LMA-G.

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions N/A

LMA-11, LMA-12, LMA-13, LMA-14, LMA-15, LMA-24, LMA-G, LMA-T


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