Hydro Fuel Grow 4 part
June 10, 2014
Massive Bloom Formulation
June 10, 2014

Hydro Fuel Bloom 4 part

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Hydro Fuel Bloom is a premier 2 part nutrient system containing all primary, secondary and essential micro nutrients necessary to encourage heavy dense flowers and fruit.

Hydro Fuel Bloom comes in convenient 2 part bloom formula that can be used in both hydroponics or recirculating systems and soil/soilless or run to waste systems. Irrespective of the cultivation method Hydro Fuel Bloom is the right nutrient choice for your garden.

Sold as sets A and B 

Hydro Fuel Bloom 4 part


  • Convenient 2 part bloom formulation
  • Finest raw materials
  • No dyes or colourants
  • pH stable
  • Fully chelated micro nutrients


  • Hydro Fuel comes in a Grow formulation and a Bloom formulation.
  • Follow the Ultimate Feeding Chart that illustrates the different ratios based on the stage of growth or flower by week to week.
  • Mix Part A at the desired ratio then stir before you add part B, it is not advisable to mix concentrated A with B before they are diluted in the appropriate amount of water.
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