May 6, 2014
House & Garden Bud XL
May 6, 2014

House & Garden Shooting Powder

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This sparkling Bud Expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering simulators.

It has moreover earned our customers’ complete satisfaction.


House & Garden Shooting Powder


House & Garden Shooting Powder 0 – 0.9 – 0.2 provides crucial nutrient pre-cursors for ATP-synthesis, giving your plants the power to increase flower yield right when they need it. The nutrients provided in Shooting Powder boost the production of key biological processes in the plant. They also provide the nutrient building blocks for the phospholipid bi-layer, which is critical to oil synthesis. Shooting Powder is essential for a top-shelf finish, providing plants with readily available and soluble nutrients for faster growth, enhanced vigor, and higher yields. Clean, strong, and stable, Shooting Powder works perfectly in all growth media.

House & Garden Shooting Powder For those who prefer liquid nutrients, we created Top Shooter; for those who prefer mixing powder, we offer Shooting Powder – both are derived from the same premium ingredients.  That being said, they are designed to be used individually, and growers should never use both at the same time. Shooting Powder works in all growing media and contains no dyes, synthetic PGRs, or detectible heavy metals.  In order to maximize activity and shelf life, sealed bottles and containers should be stored between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 29 degrees Celsius) and should be used within one year of opening the seal.
House & Garden Shooting Powder

The secret of every successful grower is Shooting Powder. This sparkling Bud Expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering simulators. It gives visible results, can be combined with all base nutrients, is packed in handy sachet, simple to use, and has been extensively tested in House & Garden’s research and development center. It has moreover earned our customers’ complete satisfaction. Try it once and you will come back for more.

This flowering booster starts a new flowering cycle after the regular flowering phase, significantly increasing the fruit’s weight. The extra yield after applying this nutrient additive with surprise you. It actually creates a new layer of top of the existing fruit. Output increases of over 20% can be reached this way.


Shooting Powder should be used in conjunction with your basic nutrient (Aarde, Aqua Flakes, Cocos, or any other brand of nutrient).

Add 1 sachet to 25 gallons of nutrient water during the first week of the last 3 weeks of flowering.
Use 2 sachets per 25 gallons on nutrient water during the final 2 weeks of flowering.

Prepare your nutrient container as follows:
Add your base nutrient to the proper level. Ensure proper circulation of the nutrient water. Then add Shooting Powder. Your nutrient container is ready for watering.

This box contains 5 x sachets

Weight 1.36 kg