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October 27, 2022
Grow Tent 2x2x4
October 27, 2022

Grow Tent 3×3 Drying Package

183.96 $USD

Most Complete Grow Tent Drying Package
Pro Tent 3×3 / Dry Rack 6 Tier
InkBird IHC-200-WiFi / 4″ Axial Fan
Pro Ducting / Duct Clamps / Heat Tape

Grow Tent 3×3 Drying Package

Grow Tents: The Secret to Healthier, Happier Plants.

Whether you are looking to grow your entire crop indoors year-round or you need a seasonal solution to keep your plants safe during cooler months, our Grow Tent 3×3 Drying Package is a great solution to cure or dry your thriving crop.

Indoor grow tents provide a flexible solution to bring you out of the elements and into a controlled environment. Today’s tents are made from a variety of materials that help keep the temperature consistent inside while also offering a way to keep pests and pesticides from damaging your crop.

Drying your crops correctly and easily is absolutely essential to getting the most value and pleasure out of your flowers. But until now it’s been hard to do because nobody had offered you a professional drying system that gives you portability, stealth and high volume drying.

Dry Entire Harvest in the Least Amount of Time Possible

While at the same time protecting your plants leaves and valuable flowers from the hazards of drying.

Package Includes

-Pro Tent 3×3-

3′ Long x 3′ Wide x 6.7′ High

Outside: 600D Oxford Mylar Fabric

Frame: 22mm (7/8″) Steel Tube & Connectors

-Drying Rack 6 Tier-

Tiers: 6 tier (detachable in 2 tier sections)

Materials: Rust-proof, Breathable Mesh

Expandable, adjustable and moveable

-Ink Bird IHC-200 WiFi-

Voltage: 100-230Vac 50/60Hz

Current: 10A

Maximum Power: 1200W(120Vac), 2200W(220Vac)

Humidity Measurement Range: 10~99%RH

Operating Ambient Temperature: -20℃~40℃/-4℉~104℉

Storage Temperature: 0℃~60℃/32℉~140℉

Storage Humidity: 20~80%RH(not frozen or dewed)

Wireless Connection: Wi-Fi Connection.

-4″ Axial Fan-

Voltage: 115V AC

Amps: 0.25/0.28

Watts: 20

CFM: 115

RPM: 3100

Max Ambient Temp.: 158*F

-Pro Ducting-

25′ Length

4″ Diameter

Flexible Foil

-Duct Clamp (x2)

4″ adjustable

-Heat Tape (1 roll)

Aluminum Foil

-Pro Thermo-Hygrometer-

Indoor/outdoor settings

Celsius or Fahrenheit

Min-Max tracking


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