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October 3, 2022
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Grodan Absorbent Granulate

Gro-Blocks – Improved

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Grodan Absorbent Granulate

Grodan Absorbent Granulate rockwool works great on its own or mixed with other loose media, such as expanded clay rocks or coconut fiber. If planting in containers outdoors, water absorbent granulate is the best medium of choice.

Grodan Absorbent Granulate Gro-Wool can support house plants while watering just once every 2 to 4 weeks.
When growing in clay pellets mix in Gro-Wool to make water and nutrient distribution more uniform and have a moisture buffer in case the pump fails.
Gro-Wool also promotes fine root growth which leads to larger more vigorous growth.

>> TIP : If you are using a drain-to-waste system, then you do not need to pH condition the Gro-wool. Just fully saturate the wool with a pH 5.5 nutrient solution.

Usage :
– On its own as a potting mix.
– Mix with any potting mix to improve aeration and water holding capacity.
– Mix water Gro-Wool into your sandy garden soil to improve water holding capacity.

Detailed description:

– Gro-Wool : Gro-Wool (Absorbent Granulate)
– Cubic Feet: 3.5 cubic feet (compressed)
– Weight : 45 lbs

Package includes:


Understanding Natural pH/EC Fluctuations
As propagated plants grow into larger Gro-Blocks, they
will often experience a period of rapid growth. This
growth will likely increase pH levels and EC (electrical
conductivity) or what is sometimes measured in PPM.
Check the reservoir often and adjust pH accordingly.
For a rapidly growing flowering plant, follow these
• A lower nutrient strength (around 1,200-1,400 PPM)
will force more water into the flower and thus
produce bigger flowers.
• A higher nutrient strength (around 1,600-1,800 PPM)
will produce smaller flowers but better quality.


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