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December 27, 2014
Gavita Master controller EL2
January 31, 2015

Gavita Master controller EL1

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Lighting control at your fingertips

Using a Gavita Master controller to control your e-series fixtures offers you maximum control, ease of use, plug and play installation and safety. Just connect the controller cables to the fixtures with the included T-splitter (see diagram), set the dials on the fixtures to EXT (External control), plug the controller and the fixtures directly into mains and you are set to go.

The controller can switch all the interconnected fixtures on and off with its internal timer, adjust them to your required output level (in percentage or exact output power) and even simulate sunrise and sunset to gradually adjust the climate in your grow room when your lights go on or off. This electronic controller replaces expensive lighting timers and contactors while preventing ballast current in-rush when switching on your lights.

Two very important features are the autodim function and emergency shut-down. When the temperature in your grow room rises beyond the control level of your climate control your crop can be damaged beyond recovery. The temperature probe senses this and will automatically dim the lights to not overshoot your safe temperature, and maintain it. The display and warning LED indicate when this happens, and also indicate if this has happened while you were away so you can correct the problem. If for any reason your climate control completely fails and the temperature rises to unacceptable levels the system will perform an emergency shutdown of all connected equipment. The alarm contact of the controller can be connected to your alarm system for instant notification.
You can connect all your e-series fixtures to one controller.
Features & Benefits
plug playNo need for a switchboard
No high inrushes (ballast is always stand-by)
Easy and safe installation (low voltage device)
Protected against shortcuts
Double temperature safety feature (autodim/auto shutdown)
For 40 ballasts
For DigiStar and Pro-lines e-series, incl. LEP
Sunrise/sunset built in (0-30 mins)
Show output in % or Watts
Celsius or Fahrenheit and 24 hr/AM/PM
Calibrate temperature sensors
CE-logo 75pxcertified

24 hour timer (on/off): Yes
Set output level: 50-115%
Select ballast type: 400/600/750/1000W
Show output as W or %: Yes
Auto-dim at set temp: Yes
Auto shutdown at set temp: Yes
Sunrise / sunset period: Yes
Outputs: 1 (main)
Number of ballasts per output: 40
Total number of ballasts: 40
Temperature sensors: 1 (main)
Alarm contacts NO/NC: –
External Contactor Modules (ECM): –
Warrenty: 3 years
Article Number: (EU) | (UK) | (US) | (AU)
EAN code: 8718403051735 (EU) | 8718403051759 (UK) | 8718403051773 (US) | 8718403051797 (AU)
Gavita Master controller EL1

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