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May 6, 2014
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May 6, 2014

Fish Mix – Bio Bizz

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An outstanding organic fertilizer. Smelling very strongly of fish it is often used in outdoor cultivation. Fish-Mix greatly enhances the microbiology of soil making it “fatter” and richer

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Strongly diluted, Fish-Mix can be directly sprayed onto the leaves with spectacular results, especially in the case of young cuttings. Amino acids, B Vitamins, and many natural trace elements are combined to make Fish-Mix a complete fertilizer

a highly available and natural source of nutrients and organic componds
complexed with naturally occuring amino acids to improve nutrient delivery and transport in the plant-growth process
use to build vitality in vigour while boosting plant growth
ideal for use with cuttings, vegetative, and early flowering stages
stimulate new growth by applying as a foiliar spray with Alg-A-Mic
a favourite with outdoor gardeners.


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