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May 6, 2014
May 6, 2014

Drying Rack 6 Tier

47.96 $USD

Expandable, Movable & Rust-Proof
Consistent Air Flow for Flowers for Even Dry & Cure
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Drying Rack 6 Tier

Drying your crops correctly and easily is absolutely essential to getting the most value and pleasure out of your flowers. But until now it’s been hard to do because nobody had offered you a professional drying system that gives you portability, stealth and high volume drying. Introduce the Drying Rack 6 Tier.

When you use a Drying Rack 6 Tier, you’ll get more from your crops because its design makes it easy for you to put lots of flowers into the ideal situation for drying and curing.

The rack is expandable, movable, rust-proof, and equipped to send consistent air flow into your flowers so they dry and cure evenly. This minimizes the chance that moisture-caused molds and mildews could attack your crops and harm them. As you may be aware, molds and mildews can infest harvested flowers and destroy them. Or, these pathogens can remain hidden in your flowers, so that when you consume the flowers you end up with health problems.

Previous drying systems have been found to be inferior by most growers. The complaints are capacity, air flow, they are hard to move and expand, rust or fall apart. Also they aren’t deep or big enough to keep crop material from falling out, and they are too expensive. Not with our Drying Rack 6 Tier.

Dry Entire Harvest in the Least Amount of Time Possible

While at the same time protecting your plants leaves and valuable flowers from the hazards of drying.

– Fungus attacking your hard-earned work…

– Rot invading your drying space…

– Or dropping leaves and flowers onto the floor because of a poor layout…

Our design teams have just put the finishing touches on a dry rack designed for the serious grower. It’s ruggedly made with collapsible mesh and other high-tech materials… and… it’s so damn simple and effective, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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