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January 13, 2021
January 13, 2021

Copper Gro

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Copper Gro is a proven yield enhancer that protects indoor and outdoor plants.
Easy to apply throughout the entire grow cycle and through to harvest.


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Copper Gro Liquid Plant Nutrient

What is Copper Gro?

Copper Gro is an organic natural mineral nutritional supplement for plants that dramatically boosts
growth through two avenues. As a Specialty Fertilizer, it delivers key nutrients to increase overall
plant health; and serves as a natural defense against chief stressors on plants. The net result is that
plants not only enjoy a richer diet of nutrients, they can also deploy a greater proportion of those
nutrients for growth, rather than fighting off disease.

Copper Gro is considered a Specialty Fertilizer for Cannabis grown indoor, outdoor, in greenhouses
and in tents by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

How does Copper Gro work?

The key is nutrient bioavailability. Nutrients found in growing media, like soil, are not
always fully available to a plant. If iron in soil is only 60% bioavailable, for example, 40% of the soil’s
iron content will not be taken up by the plant; it will simply sit in the ground and contribute nothing to
the plant’s growth.
The problem of bioavailability is a longstanding one. Throughout the history of modern agriculture,
scientists have striven to increase nutrient bioavailability for crops, with varying success. For plants,
Copper Gro has solved this problem. Radically increases the bioavailability of copper, a
nutrient that is a key contributor to plant growth. Not only does copper constitute a vital nutritional
element for plants in and of itself, it also increases the bioavailability of other critical nutrients
including iron, manganese, and calcium. This amplification of overall nutrient bioavailability is the
secret to its effectiveness.
But lots of other nutritional supplements also contain copper.
A supplement’s effectiveness doesn’t depend simply on the presence of copper; it depends on the
bioavailability of that copper. This is where Copper Gro differentiates itself. Unlike the copper in the
vast majority of other supplements, the copper in Copper Gro is ionic, Cu2+
, and 100%
bioavailable. This degree of bioavailability represents a dramatic breakthrough in plant science.

Is 100% bioavailability really that important?

Yes. A copper solution that is 100% bioavailable is 100% efficient. That means you need to use much
less CopperGro to deliver a given level of copper than you would using an inferior product; for
example, a supplement with only 20% copper bioavailability such as copper sulfate (Bordeaux
mixture), would require five times more volume than CopperGro.

Copper Gro Features
  • Protects plants indoor and outdoor
  • Based on 20 years of research
  • Leverages a natural mineral based copper sulphate
  • Proven yield enhancer with up to a 25% increase in yield.
  • Dual action biostimulants
  • Improves plant health
  • CFIA Specialty Fertilizer
  • Easy to apply at all stages of growth including clone/seedling, vegetative, and flower, through to harvest.
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