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Carbo Max

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 Ready To Use Fuel Source For Plants.

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Grotek Carbo Max – SIMPLE ENERGY –

Carbo Max Simple sugars are a great way to impact the root zone of plants and provide the energy required to produce a quality harvest. Carbo-Max™ is based on simple sugars that provide a rapid energy source for soil organisms and plants, which enhances the metabolism of minerals to positively impact the ripening stage.

Application Rate

500g makes 1900L of solution. Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 3.5 oz per 100 gal of water or nutrient solution (100 g / 380 L). Use throughout the blooming cycle with every fertilizer application/nutrient change.

  • Water-soluble Simple Sugars
  • Added Potassium for Ripening Stage
  • Feeds Soil Organisms
    Potassium Chloride, Dextrose
Soluble Potash (K2O) ………. 1.0%

Carbo Max contains simple sugars that provide a rapid energy source to support soil microorganisms.  These naturally occurring soil microbes convert nutrients into a form that plants can readily use, which increases nutrient availability during the energy-intensive ripening stage.

This soluble formula has the added benefit of readily available potassium to further benefit the ripening stage of plant growth, which supports high levels of sugar in flowers and fruit.


Use throughout the blooming cycle with every fertilizer application/nutrient change.

Carbo Max™ is a ready to use fuel source for plants. Naturally plants produce their own energy source (carbohydrates) for different functions, this product helps provide additional carbohydrates during the important final flowering stage. Produces no harmful effects.

  • Providing your crops supplemental carbs frees up energy for other vital processes. Put simply, it takes energy to make energy, so by providing extra carbohydrates, your crops expend less energy on manufacturing carbs, and can direct more energy toward synthesizing amino acids and other important metabolites.
  • Supplemental carbohydrates keep your plants’ carb reserves topped off — particularly during ripening, when they need it the most. Remember, your plants’ carbohydrate reserves can store enough to survive, but if you want them to push the biggest yields possible, you want to ensure those reserves are always full.
  • Extra carbohydrates help feed beneficial microbes in your root zone so they can carry out their vital functions of breaking down dead debris and keeping your roots clean and bright.


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