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May 6, 2014
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May 6, 2014

Canna Coco Mix 50 Liter

27.96 $USD

Canna Coco has been created and developed to fulfill all the requirements of healthy plant growth. In addition, Canna Coco can be used several times and is environmentally friendly.

Canna Coco is an organic product with a homogenous structure, free of chemical additives, harmful viruses and soil diseases. In contrast to coconut fibre, which is also used in horticulture, Canna Coco is free of fibre and comes in the form of fine flakes. Canna Coco has a complex air/water system, which makes it superior to other substrates. Furthermore, it contains a special mold (Tricoderma), which can protect the plant from soil diseases.

Canna Coco work best with Canna Coco Nutrients
Coco bags are bulky / heavy and may cost more to ship than regular items

Weight 20 kg