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May 6, 2014
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Bio Boost

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BIOCANNA A Complete Growing Method

 Plant Extract That Stimulates Bloom, Productivity & Improves Taste.



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Canna Bio Boost

Bio Boost is not a nutrient but a natural fermented plant extract with bloom stimulating characteristics that are also responsible for a fuller flavor. Bio Boost is suitable for all cultivation systems and can be applied in combination with BIOCANNA fertilizers and additives. BIOCANNA Bio Boost now makes it possible to grow 100% organic. Although it has not been scientifically proven that organically grown products are healthier, research does suggest it. CANNA Research has proven that products grown with BIOCANNA have a higher percentage of certain essential oils that determine scent and flavor. BIOCANNA makes your crop tastier!

Bio Boost was developed by CANNA Research from plant extracts from tropical rainforests and is a true boost for plants. The bioactive substances result in an extra metabolism that is exactly what the plant needs during the blooming period. The plants produce more fructose, become healthier and stronger and are less vulnerable to diseases and plagues. The result is a higher yield with a strong, exuberant and vital fructification. The number of bio-active substances in Bio BOOST is enormous.
How To Use
  • Use Bio Boost in combination with (BIO)CANNA nutrients
  • Shake well before use
  • Do not use with products containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • Apply at the start of blooming phase (usually 1 to 3 weeks after flower initiation)
  • Dosage: 20 ml/10 Liter – 8 ml/US gallon (1:500); for extra stimulation use: 40 ml/10 Liter – 16 ml/US gallon (1:250)
  •  Can be given manually, through drip irrigation or foliar spray
  • Use up mixed solutions within 7 days
  • Keep from freezing. Store tightly sealed and in the dark
  • Keep this and all other fertilizers out of reach of children
Complete Organic Growing Method
BIOCANNA is a complete growing method containing a substrate
(Bio Terra Plus), a nutrient line (Bio Vega & Flores) and even two organic
additives (Bio RHIZOTONIC and Bio BOOST). Bio Vega is a nutrient
meant for the growing stage of plants. Bio RHIZOTONIC stimulates the development of roots
and root tips. It also increases the plants resistance is a yield
increaser. When used during the flowering stage it results in a higher yield
with a strong, exuberant and vital fructification.
OMRI Listed
BIOCANNA’s nutrients OMRI listed, This assures the suitability of a
product for certified organic production, handling and processing.
A product OMRI listed is 100% organic.



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