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May 6, 2014
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May 6, 2014

Air Cool Tube Reflector

55.96 $USD

High quality aluminum for excellent reflectivity
Integrated socket  /  Includes « V » hangers
100% air tight  /  Brackets allow horizontal or vertical hanging
6” High Temperature tube

Pro Grow Air Cool Tube Reflector 6″

The Air Cool Tube Reflector is the professional way to keep temperatures suitable for plant growing within the grow area. The cool-tube is made from a tempered glass cylinder and aluminum reflectors. The Cool-Tube must be mounted to a vent or exhaust fan, by doing so, the Cool-Tube acts as an intake, thus eliminating the heat by moving the heat created by the lamp directly out of the growing area. By removing the heat directly from the light, we can use smaller grow areas, keep suitable temperatures and keep the bulb closer to the plants, letting them absorb light more efficiently.
A 6-inch air cooled cylinder with  high quality Aluminum batwing reflector for excellent reflectivity

  • High quality aluminum for excellent reflectivity
  • Integrated socket
  • Includes « V » hangers
  • 100% air tight
  • Brackets allow horizontal or vertical hanging
  • 6” High Temperature tube
  • Accepts all lamp type except BT-56
  • Made in North America
Why Air-Cooled?

Firstly, you need to know three important things about grow lights and plants:

1) HID grow lights create a lot of heat as well as light.

2) Plants rely on light energy in order to grow and bloom-a process known as photosynthesis. BUT … and this is such an important but … this light must be supplied in an environment at the right temperature. If plants are subject to excessive heat they will “shut down” rendering all your lighting efforts largely redundant.

3) For every inch you position your grow light closer, your plants receive exponentially more incident energy from the lamp, but that inevitably brings more heat too!


The primary job of an air-cooled reflector is the same as a regular (non-air-cooled) reflector: to focus the direction of light emitted from the lamp so that as much of it as possible hits your plants.

Air-cooled reflectors come in three main styles but they are all based on the same simple principle to use a continuous flow of air to keep the lamp and reflector cooler. Obviously, as the air passes over the hot HID lamp it heats up. This warm air is then ducted directly out of your indoor garden helping to keep temperatures cooler and your lights closer to your plants.

All air-cooled reflectors have two circular ports-one for receiving air and one for exiting air. Growers use an inline fan to blow cool air into the input port and ducting to whisk the warm air away and out of the grow room.



Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 34 × 11 × 11 in