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315W Dual CMH Kit

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 NOTE: This item does not include the ceramic metal halide lamps, which must be purchased separately.



Prolux 315W Dual CMH Kit

Product Details

Protilux 315W Dual CMH Kit High Voltage System is a highly versatile fixture that allows you to run multiple ballast positions. The dual reflectors can be used in the standard position or rotated 90 degrees downward to give a low-profile hanging configuration that is ideal for tight spaces. The reflectors feature premium multifaceted 95% reflective European hammer tone aluminum, giving excellent light uniformity and diffusion.

Protilux 315W Dual CMH Kit High Voltage ballast features low frequency, square-wave technology and is silent, reliable, and energy-efficient.

Ceramic Metal Halide Ballasts are designed to run 315W CMH lamps safely and effectively. UL listing and multiple ballast protections such as ignition failure protection offer safe usage for your indoor environment as well maximizing the PAR output of your Ceramic Metal Halide lamps.

The Ballast was made to have all the features and technology needed for optimal performance with none of the expensive frills in order to keep it priced as competitively as possible. Comes with a 120v power cord.

  • Wattage: 630W
  • Input Volt: 120V/240V
  • Input Current: 2.89A / 1.42A
  • Input Power: 343W
  • Min Power Factor: .95
  • THD: <15%
  • Crest Factor: <1.7
  • Length 215mm / 8.46 in
  • Width 178mm / 7.01 in
  • Height 92.5mm / 3.64 in
  • Weight 3.0kg / 6.62lb lb

1. End of Life (EOL) Protection
2. Short circuit protection
3. Open circuit protection
4. Ignition failure protection
5. Thermal protection

Installation & Application Notes

1. Max allowable case temperature: 75 Degrees C / 167 Degrees F
2. Ambient Temperature: -20, +55 Deg. C / -4, +131 Deg. F
3. Max. Humidity: 95%
4. Ignition voltage is 5kV

Performance Requirements:
  • Rated mains voltage: 120-240V
  • Voltage range: (+/-10%): 108-264V
  • Mains frequency: 50/60 hz
  • Operation Frequency: 140-220kHz

 NOTE: This item does not include the ceramic metal halide lamps, which must be purchased separately.


Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 8 in


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