February 12, 2021
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February 12, 2021

Green Line 2000 8″

Flange Size 8″

Max Exhaust CFM – 590

Max Recirculate CFM – 1180

Max Exhaust M3 – 1000

Max Recirculating M3 – 2000


KFI Green Line 2000 8″-40″

The Green Line is Kootenay Filter Inc.’s Lightweight Filter Line. KFI is proud to have a product that uses only virgin activated carbon made from renewable resources. The proven design, manufacturing process and a production staff with years of experience make our product one of the best filters on the market. Our Light line filters are available with flange sizes 4″-14″ rated for 3250cfm. Our filters consist of only 2 things, steel and carbon; they are effective and robust. Including the Green Line 2000 8″.

  • Carbon: Granulated Virgin Activated Carbon
  • Prefilter installed: Yes
Green Line 2000 8″ CFM/M3 Ratings:
  • Max Exhaust CFM – 590
  • Max Recirculate CFM – 1180
  • Max Exhaust M3 – 1000
  • Max Recirculating M3 – 2000

Green Line Filters

  • Virgin activated carbon made from renewable resources
  • Dedusted and screened
  • Lightweight filter
  • Max operating temperature 80˚C / 176˚F
  • Max allowed humidity 70% (short term only)
  • Prefilter installed
  • Robust galvanized steel housing
  • Single packaged and sealed for storage
  • Made in North America
  • 2″ carbon bed
  • Flanges installed from 4″ to 14″
This is Kootenay Filter Inc.

Kootenay Filter Inc. was established in 2019 in the heart of the Kootenays, in Nelson BC, which has a long history in carbon air filter manufacturing. KFI was able to tap into this history and put together an experienced team of skilled employees to produce reliable, high quality air filters and ventilation products.

Customer satisfaction is paramount therefore product reliability and the highest quality manufacturing is our standard.

Our innovative, lightweight, Green Line use activated chip carbon made from renewable resources. This new product line is raising the bar in lightweight filter performance and environmental awareness.


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