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January 15, 2021
1000W DE HPS Kit
January 16, 2021

1000W DE/SE Remote Ballast

135.96 $USD

Operates Double Ended (DE) & Single Ended (SE) Lamps


Prolux 1000W DE/SE Remote Ballast

Electronic ballast, capable of operating both double ended and single ended 1000 watt lamps .

No moving parts, optimal thermal management

Our ballasts are completely sealed and passively cooled through the extrusion aluminum ballast housing. Our housings provide optimized thermal management, which keeps the electronics much cooler than in die-cast housings. Good thermal management is extremely important for the lifetime and reliability of the electronics.

Soft start

Unlike magnetic ballasts our electronic ballasts never use more power than their specified power during the start-up sequence. Lamps reach their full power much quicker though than with a magnetic ballast.

Prolux 1000W DE/SE Remote Ballast Features & Benefits
  • High-precision microprocessor control
  • Robust commercial design
  • Superior reliability
  • LED status indicator
  • Internal RF shielding
  •  Ignition control protection
  • End of lamp life protection
  • Auto-restart feature protects lamps from damaging power spikes
  • Cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation
  • Includes Controller Cable Pack
Best Match

400V lamp technology for high frequency electronic ballast

The high voltage lamp technology results in a better efficiency of the arc tube: more light for the same power (10-25% more than traditional single ended lamps)! These lamps are best suited for extreme high frequency electronic ballasts, creating a stable arc. Without acoustic resonance, assuring optimal output and a long lamp life. The smaller arc tube and outer balloon require the lamp to be nitrogen filled instead of vacuum, which prohibits it to be air cooled. Air cooling of the lamp results in lower lamp temperature, which results in sub-optimal light output, up to 15% less than specified. Lamps not suitable for direct air cooled fixtures.






Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 5 in


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