Water Control

Water Control

Temperature of the Nutrient Solution

For most hydroponic systems, ideal temperature range for the nutrient solution falls between 65-72 degrees F. Temperatures below this range will slow growth rates. Temperatures above this range will not be able to hold enough dissolved oxygen to sustain proper growth. There are a few different ways a gardener can maintain a proper temperature with Water Control.

Many horticulturists experience nutrient solution temperatures that are too warm. Simply removing nutrient reservoir from garden space can help maintain more consistent, lower temperatures. Water chillers are much like air conditioners for water. Devices that can be used by indoor horticulturists to help maintain cooler temperatures in nutrient reservoir.

There are occasions that temperature of nutrient solution is too cold. A grower can incorporate a submersible heater, like ones used for aquariums. Before setting up a hydroponic system, horticulturists should give serious consideration to how they are going to control and maintain the temperature of the nutrient reservoir.


Aerating the Nutrient Solution

Temperature of nutrient solution determines amount of dissolved oxygen solution can hold. However, once that dissolved oxygen is used by the plant’s roots, it needs to be replaced. The most common way to achieve this is with an air pump and air stone which pumps air directly into the nutrient solution. This breaks the surface tension of the liquid and injects air directly into the solution. Assuming temperature is in range. Air pumped into solution will replenish dissolved oxygen content.

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