Botanicare Pure Blend Pro includes a blend of natural minerals and organic extracts. Plus the essential macro and micro nutrients your plants need.

Fishmeal, composted seabird guano, kelp, and many more essential ingredients. These are ideal for enhancing flavors and aromas in high value crop while their soluble form encourages nutrient uptake.


As plant cultivation experts, Botanicare is dedicated to providing superior products, expert advice and support to help growers produce better crops.

What started as an experimental plant nutrient, Pure Blend (now Pure Blend Tea), brewed in the back room of an Arizona retail gardening store has evolved into Botanicare, a market leader in hydroponic products. After 20 years of innovation, foresight and unconventional thought we have seen the industry and our company blossom. We are committed to finding new ways to encourage growers to do what they do best – grow.


Treg Bradley is passionate about plant cultivation. In 1992, his hobby bloomed into a career when he opened a store in Tempe, Arizona . “Sea of Green”, which catered to Hydro gardening enthusiasts  providing everything from hydroponics equipment to organic nutrient solutions.


Botaicares expanding nutrient knowledge and sheer desire to provide customers with the best products on the market. These were driving factors in creating what would eventually become Botanicare. As part of an experimental new approach to address needs of local growers.  Developing a unique organic plant supplement that he called Pure Blend. Literally brewed it in the back room of a store and gave Pure Blend to several of his favorite customers. Asking them to give it a try and encouraged them return to the store with empty bottles to get refills . After rave reviews he bottled it with the name Pure Blend Original and began to sell it.

As demand for Pure Blend grew retailers began to contact Botanicare to see if they could order Pure Blend for their stores. Encouraged by the success of Pure Blend, he developed an additional product line called Pure Blend Pro.

By 1996 Sea of Green opened two additional stores in Arizona and the success of the Pure Blend line .It inspired us to focus our efforts solely on developing new products. Botanicare sold the Sea of Green stores and incorporated American Agritech in Tempe, Arizona and launched its primary product line: Botanicare.


With a 20-year history as a leader in the Hydroponic industry. Botanicare offers a comprehensive range of hydroponic products. Bringing the freedom and flexibility of growing-your-own to consumers around the world.

Botanicare manufactures innovative, products including:  Pure Blend Pro, , Liquid Karma, Sweet, CAL-MAG and a complete line of trays, reservoirs and accessories.