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Kootenay Filter – Carbon Can Filters

This is Kootenay Filter Inc.

Kootenay Filter Inc. was established in 2019 in the heart of the Kootenays. Nelson BC, which has a long history in carbon air filter manufacturing. KFI was able to tap into this history. And put together an experienced team of skilled employees to produce reliable, high quality air filters and ventilation products.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. Therefore product reliability and the highest quality manufacturing is our standard.

Our innovative, lightweight, Green Line filters use activated chip carbon made from renewable resources. This new product line is raising the bar in lightweight filter performance and environmental awareness.

Our Standard Line use tried and true pelletized activated carbon. For many, this carbon is the only choice for their air filtration requirements. And they demand its proven reliability and versatility. At KFI, we listen to our customers and will not cut corners in our products. As long as you want it, pelletized carbon is here to stay.

This is our motivation, our vision, to be dependable, to be open to new ideas, and to help customers. Our research and development team is ready and willing to discuss your company’s requirements, should we not have an “off the shelf” solution for your air filtration needs.

Our Vision:

Lead manufacturer of innovative sustainable and affordable clean air filtration in North America.

Our Mission:

To deliver reliable clean air filtration to protect our customers,
in an efficient manner that respects both the environment and the community.

Improving Air Quality of Indoor Spaces.

Activated carbon is one of the most effective ways of removing odor from the air. KFI is the first company in North America to offer a full line of filters using activated carbon derived from renewable resources.