Air Movement (Fans)

Air Movement (Fans)

Air Movement (Fans) is especially important when it comes to cannabis plants. Indoor cannabis grows are usually crowded, with thick canopies almost overlapping. Add in the fact that cannabis buds are extremely dense, and you get much higher humidity levels inside the foliage and buds, than the rest of the grow space. This is where airflow comes in to play.

Growers use a range of fans, including horizontal and vertical fans, to helps disperse these pockets of humidity, known as microclimates. These help to a certain degree, but they may also create uneven conditions in the space. For example, plants further away from the fans won’t enjoy as much airflow as those closer to them.

Light, temperature and humidity are the most basic aspects of greenhouse or indoor cannabis cultivation. Simply focusing on these three parameters can achieve great results and high-quality buds.

However, to ensure that all plants enjoy their ideal humidity and temperature, there’s another piece to the puzzle – airflow. Airflow can also be combined with humidity control. This creates uniform climate conditions everywhere in the grow room or greenhouse, and ensures mold-free, homogenous products.

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