Thom’s Custom Recipe


After a full crop trial on some new products and a new formula,
I have changed my custom recipe.

The biggest change is the addition of Drip Clean by House & Garden.

In my Pro Mix HP (a soiless mix) i used to go food / water / food / water……ect
i always found giving food every time would build up in the soil
and after 3 or 4 weeks i would burn my plants.

This round i gave them food every time i watered (every 2 days)
with the use of drip clean added to the water everytime,
i went 11 weeks of straight food and didn’t burn them once.
Once every 3 weeks i did give just fresh water, and let
about 20% run through to flush them out.
While this did leave them wet for 4 days without watering,
I believe it helped overall with the soil.

The other 2 changes were:
I replaced hygrozyme with multizen
I believe i got the same results from the multizen, at a much lower cost.
The multizen is twice as concentrated for almost the same cost.
The other product is also a house & garden product “Roots Excelurator”
My rootmass was so much bigger, i had to go to 7 gallon pots compared to 5 gallon
pots that i used to use. before my veg was over, the 5 gallon pots were
completely rootbound, and i knew i would lose yield without going bigger.

My overall yield was 11% higher with the same strain & same # of lights

Here is last years formula and the new one (PDF File):