Canna Terra Vega & Flores Recipe


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Canna Terra Vega & Flores
Hydroponic & Soilless Nutrient Recipe

rooted cuttings – 18 or 24 hours of light
Canna Rhizotonic
The world’s purest, most powerful organic “stress reliever”
Stimulates extremely fast root development, prevents and protects against moulds such as Pythium, Fusarium, Mildew and Botrytis while increasing the plants natural immune system.
Day 1 – 4 18ml

vegative stage – 18 hours of light
terra vega
Do Not use hydrogen peroxide with Canna products.

When Transplanting:
Pre Soak grow medium with 18ml / gallon of Rhizotonic & fresh water. First watering after transplant also use Rhizotonic & water

week 1 10ml 18ml
week 2 20ml 10ml 10ml
week 3 20ml 10ml 10ml
Transition to flower: (hardest time of a plants life)
All transplanting should be done. Make sure daytime temp is around 80°. Very important that nighttime temperatures stay above 70°, this will improve your internodal spacing & reduce stretching. First week of flower keep your lights at least 24” above plants

flowering stage – 12 hours of light
terra vega
terra flores
pk13-14 cannazym
week 1 20ml 3ml 10ml FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS
Use Canna Coco as your growing medium
Canna Coco has a complex air/water system, which makes it superior to other substrates. Furthermore, it contains a special mould (Trichoderma), which can protect the plant against soil diseases

week 2 20ml 3ml 10ml
week 3 20ml 3ml 10ml
week 4 20ml 3ml 6ml 10ml
week 5 20ml 3ml 6ml 10ml
week 6 20ml 3ml 6ml 20ml
week 7 20ml 20ml
week 8 rinse with fresh water for entire 8th week
If going 9 weeks of flower, repeat week 4 twice
If going 7 weeks of flower, skip week 4

Ripening stage:
Use fresh water only for minimum 7 days Lowering temperature in dark cycle during last week will promote higher crystal & resin production.
If your plants become stressed at any stage:
Some stresses can be caused from: lights being too close / over fertilization / insect infestation / temperature fluxuation Raise the lights to 24” , water plants with 18 ml / gallon of rhizotonic and water for 2 waterings, when plants show signs of growth again, continue with regular feeding program.
Ensure that your plants dry out between watering. Once a month pass a lot of water (2X usual amount) through pot for removal of salt buildup