Air movement in a garden is just as important to your plants as the water and nutrients they thrive on. Air movement not only makes plants physically strong but also helps with CO2 and humidity levels for top-quality harvests. With proper air movement, ventilation, and circulation from WindDevil floor fans. Your growing space will maximize yields in quantity and quality.

Air movement is essential to a plant’s ability to breathe. Improper air movement can block stomata from breathing. Stomata are pores located on a plant’s leaves through which they inhale and exhale oxygen, CO2, and other gasses.

Is it worth the hassle?

Without proper air movement plants will attract dust and pollen. Which can clog these pores and restrict growth if unattended. In nature, wind and rain would cleanse those plants. This can be mimicked by using fans (wind) and sprayers (rain). Keep in mind that adding water to any grow will raise the humidity level. Promoting mold and fungus growth on your plants if not addressed. Regulating humidity levels, however, is simply blowing air in, out and around your growing space.

Plants will suffer from too much humidity. Lack of humidity in a growing area can dry plants out. But too much humidity can lead to drooping plants as well as mold and fungal growth. When you add water to your garden (whether through spraying leaves or watering soil) it evaporates and enters the air. Leaving unattended will raise your humidity level, hindering your plants, turning your garden into a breeding ground for pests and disease.