Safer’s® offer a broad line of organic gardening and pest-control solutions at a consumer-friendly price. Our products will solve common insect pest problems inside, outside and anywhere our consumers need them!


Safer’s® was founded on the west coast of Canada over 35 years ago. Over time, the company branched into the United States, but has always maintained its Canadian roots. Safer’s® focuses on providing pest control products for organic gardeners across the North American continent.

In 2009, Canada established its guidelines for organic labeling. This effort was applauded by Safer’s®, which has long focused on the organic segment of the Canadian gardening market. These Canadian Organic Standards set out specific guidelines for manufacturers and retailers of organic products and by meeting these standards, individual products may apply for the EcoCert label. Consumers know that products that carry the EcoCert label, including a growing list of Safer’s® products, meet Canadian Organic Standards.

To achieve this organic labeling, key Safer’s® products have undergone extensive review processes, which include using ingredients from Canada’s Permitted Substances List and maintaining these standards throughout sourcing, manufacturing, and final production. The result? Safer’s® keeps adding products that have earned the EcoCert label.

Because many Canadians care about their impact on the environment, they want to know what’s being used on their plants. They also know to look for certain ingredients in their gardening products. These same ingredients, including Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids and PyGanic Pyrethrin, can be found in many Safer’s® products.

At Safer’s®, we have an ongoing commitment to offer our consumers the right product when they need it! It is with that commitment that Safer’s® serves Canadian gardeners and plant lovers who are dedicated to growing in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Safer’s Insecticidal Soap – This ready-to-use insecticidal soap kills garden insects on contact! Stop harmful insect infestations with this formula that is gentle on plants.
  • Safer’s Trounce – Fast-acting, this insecticide kills insects on contact while being gentle on plants. Designed for lawns and turfs, you can use this concentrate up to the day of any fruit or vegetable harvest.
  • Safer’s Sticky Strips – Attract and trap flying insects in your home, both indoor and outdoor, with the ease of Sticky Strips Insect Traps. These double sided sticky traps attract multiple types of insects, such as Whiteflies, Thrips, Leaf Miners and Aphids.