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Developed in Madison, Wisconsin, our dehumidifiers have set the gold standard in energy efficiency, durability, reliability and flexibility. With a full five-year warranty, Quest humidity control products come in a wide array of sizes and options, allowing you to customize and design your perfect environment for your industry’s specific needs. Additionally, we deliver everything you need to know when it comes to HVAC design, specification, selection, installation and operation for every size of facility.

  • Dehumidifier performance curves are data tables that indicate how a dehumidifier will perform at various temperatures and relative humidity levels.
  • This data is critical for growers to understand how much water a dehumidifier can remove from a grow room under specific conditions. This is vital for properly determining how much dehumidification you need in a room.
  • Most manufacturers promote how their dehumidifiers perform at 80 F /60% relative humidity (RH). While it’s an important baseline, it’s not the most important number. Focus instead on typical lights-off conditions.
  • Your dehumidifiers will work hardest when lights are off, so size your dehumidification needs based on those conditions. A performance curve will help you understand how much water a dehumidifier can remove in that environment. It’s a simple – and often effective – way to determine how much dehumidification you need in your grow room. But as cannabis cultivation and our understanding of plant transpiration rates becomes more sophisticated, a performance curve is a much handier.The reason: Neither the water plants release nor the capacity of a dehumidifier can be assumed as constant throughout an entire day. Much like understanding the changes in a plant’s transpiration rate, a dehumidifier performance curve

    helps you quickly see how a dehumidifier operates under various conditions. The “curve” comes from plotting data that shows peak performance vs. the points where it falls off.

    So, with a performance curve, you can get into specifics. Need to know how much water a dehumidifier can remove at 75 F when plants are sleeping? No worries. What about at 65 F in a dry room? Easy.

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