Protilux Lighting


Protilux LED Extreme 800 watt offers the maximum output Photon Efficacy in the industry today . Highest overall LED Diode count per fixture in the market , 3360 top performing brand name Diodes  partnered with high performance integrated Drivers. Optimized Full-Spectrum light,  that is fully dimmable manually  and also automatically when using the  External Control with the Protilux Digital LCD Controller. User Friendly & Easy Set-Up with 5 Years Warranty

Protilux LED Extreme 800 watt was designed with maximum performance in mind. Working from an engineered prototype several changes were made to  further enhance light output.

From the original 2544 led diode count an additional 816  diodes were added , to top out at  a max 3360 diodes per fixture. The original prototype diodes were replaced with proven top performers from Samsung and Osram

The results are amazing.

Compared to other leading LED grow lights on the market  the Protilux LED Extreme 800 watt is simply the best performing LED grow system you will find.

3360 leds per unit

Full spectrum

3.0 umol/j  efficacy

High PPF 2400 umols

Extreme LED grow light