Plant-Prod is the trading name of Master Plant-Prod Inc. (MPPI) with headquarters in Greater Toronto, Canada.

The company has been in business since 1945 manufacturing high quality water soluble fertilizers for growers of high value crops, including the horticultural industry, greenhouse vegetables and other growers with demanding requirements. Plant-Prod fertilizers supply are sold around the world. In the United States they are sold under the Plantex brand name.

Prior to June 2013 the company was called Plant Products Co. Ltd  and also distributed agricultural supplies. This function is now handled by a separate company, Plant-Products Ltd., with a depot in Leamington, Ontario

Select Plant-Prod fertilizers are available for the home and garden market.

The company’s mission is to provide best in the world soluble plant nutrition and superior grower support – consistently, so Plant-Prod’s growers thrive beyond others.

Stim-Root® rooting hormones are available as dry and liquid IBA formulations that stimulate rapid root growth while increasing root uniformity and rooting percentage of cuttings.